Microwave Food Packaging

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The Holy Grail of Microwave Food

Folia's coating transforms ordinary paper into a plastic-free microwave susceptor that delivers better quality food
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Our paper susceptor improves microwaved food texture. Here's how it works:
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Surface Heating

Folia’s coating deposits microwave heat at the food’s surface which browns and crisps food.

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Moisture Control

Our paper soaks up grease and liquid, and is steam-permeable. That allows our packaging to control moisture content so that food is neither dry as a brick, nor soggy.

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Microwave Safe

The metal in our paper is not continuous and will not cause arcing or overheating, so has no fire risk.

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Folia's patented coating process
& paper susceptor packaging

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Runs on standard coating & packaging machinery

Paper or pulp for millions of trays, bowls, or any other form factor per day.

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The only paper microwave susceptor on the market

We use sustainable paper
& food-grade, non-toxic ingredients

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Premium performance at
mass market costs & scale

We manufacture at the unit costs
& large scale of the food industry.

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Seeking Manufacturing & Commercial Partners

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Folia Materials

Develops & supplies patented, coated paper

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Food Packaging Manufacturers

Manufacture & distribute

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Commercial Markets

CPG brands, food service

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Better quality
& sustainable packaging


Jonathan Levine, Ph.D.
Jonathan Levine, Ph.D.
CEO and Cofounder
Theresa Dankovich, Ph.D.
Theresa Dankovich, Ph.D.
CTO and Cofounder

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